CNN podcasts about anderson cooper cooper February 20, 2017 Trump taps Lt. Gen. McMaster for National Security Adviser; Trump addresses Florida rally, baffles Sweden; Mattis, Pence try to clean up Trump's statements February 16, 2017 Trump's pick for National Security Adviser turns down job; Trump slams media, denies turmoil, in marathon news conference; Trump asks reporter to set up meeting with Black lawmakers February 13, 2017 Spicer: Trump "evaluating the situation" with Flynn; Trump adviser double downs on false voter fraud claims; Raids strike fear in Immigrant communities January 31, 2017 Trump nominates Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court December 28, 2016 Trump contradicsts himself on how transition is going December 01, 2016 Trump Holds Large Rally In Ohio, Trump Names Gen. "Mad Dog" Mattis Secretary of Defense August 31, 2016 Trump Says Mexico Will Pay For Wall, Mexican President Says Mexico Won't Pay For Wall July 13, 2016 Police Seek Phoenix Serial Killer, Trump To Announce VP Friday, Funerals For Dallas Officers July 12, 2016 Protests Spread Across US, Relatives of Slain Dallas Officers Speak Out, Chris Christie for VP? July 07, 2016 Woman Livestream's Police Shooting Fiance, Obama Addresses Shootings June 28, 2016 Dozens Killed In Turkish Terror Attack, 3 Suicide Bombers, ISIS Responsible?